Crystal Therapy

crystal therapy

Is Crystal Therapy right for me?

If you have experienced disharmony in your life, I believe that it can cause blockages or other disturbances in your aura. What I can help you do, is address these disturbances that could eventually manifest as a physical illness.

JUDY HALL - Author of The Crystal Bible states:-

"Crystals have been used for protection, divination and healing in every region of the world for at least 7,000 years."
"Crystals gently dissolve baggage such as unresolved grief, heartbreak, jealousy and anger. They then support positive, life-affirming emotions and bring more love into our heart."

What is Crystal Therapy?

Crystal healing is a holistic therapy that focuses on you as a whole, rather than targeting individual physical symptoms alone.
The aim of Crystal Therapy is to restore wholeness, balance health to the mind and spirit; as well as the physical body. Crystal healing works upon the electromagnetic field around our body, known as the aura.
Crystal Therapists believe that the auric field directly relates to our emotional, mental and spiritual make-up and so, when we are well and healthy, the energies flowing through it are clear and balanced.

Potential physical and psychological benefits

  • Creates a sense of harmony and well-being to mind, body and spirit
  • Assists acute and chronic conditions including aches and pains
  • Eases stress related conditions
  • Eases states of anxiety
  • Activates and supports the natural self-healing processes
  • Creates a sense of deep relaxation
  • Helps insomnia
  • Feelings of invigoration
  • Assists with emotional issues
  • Creates uplifting feelings

What can I expect from Crystal Therapy at Rainbow Realms?

You will be asked to remove your jewellery and to lie on my therapist’s couch during the treatment, fully clothed (minus shoes). I will help you to relax and place some crystals on or around your body. You may experience a slight tingling or nothing at all. Changes do still happen on subtle levels. Get in touch now for more information.

Treatment Price

Crystal Therapy £35 per treatment
Gift Vouchers available.
To find out more about Crystal Therapy in Cornwall, please call:
01736 785 980
"My experience having a crystal therapy was amazing, as soon as the crystals were placed around my body I felt my whole body tingle especially around my ears, hands and feet. The crystals and music took me into a deep relaxing state which took all of my worries away and uplifted my spirits. I would highly recommend a crystal therapy treatment you won’t be disappointed."
- Catherine R
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