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Understanding Reflexology

According to cave paintings, Reflexology dates back to ancient Egypt, working on the principle that every organ and system of the body has a corresponding point or zone in the feet.
For example, the spot in the centre of the big toe corresponds to the pituitary gland, and on the ball of the foot underneath the big toe there is a point that corresponds to the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

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Each session will last about forty minutes to an hour and, in most cases, a series of sessions are necessary to resolve any problems. I also offer either regular weekly or monthly treatments, designed to keep your systems balanced and in good working order. Book today.
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"Susie immediately put me at ease and after a few questions I laid down and was enveloped in a warm blanket and she started to work her magic. I have had many treatments before, but few have been as relaxing as this reflexology session. She is a wonder, all the tension and stress I had been feeling melted away and I had the best night's sleep ever." 
- Elaine P

How Reflexology works

Reflexology uses light pressure to massage each of the points in the toes, feet and ankles to release tension, remove energy blockages, disperse accumulations of calcium and uric acid, stimulate blood circulation and promote healing of both the body and mind.
Generally, most clients report that a Reflexology treatment is wonderfully relaxing and soothing, and many people fall asleep.

Who can benefit?

Reflexology has been used to help with a range of issues, from stress, feelings of low mood and chronic headaches, to joint and back pain.

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Treatment Price
Reflexology £35 per treatment
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